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Buffalo Leopard Elephant Lion Rhino
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Axis Deer Chacma Baboon Blesbok Bontebok Bush Pig
Bush Buck Caracal Crocodile Blue Duiker Cmn Duiker
Cmn Eland Fallow Deer Gemsbok Giraffe Grysbok
Red Hartebeest Hippo Hyena Impala Blk Bk Jackal
Klipspringer Kudu Lechwe Mtn Nyala Cmn Reedbuck
Mtn Reedbuck Roan Antelope Sable Serval Cat Cmn Springbuck
Steenbuck Tsessebe Vervet Monkey Warthog Waterbuck
Blk Wildebeest Blue Wildebeest Burchell Zebra Hartmns Zebra Other


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I would like to add these animals on to an existing "JD African Safaris" package. (Please indicate which package in the "Notes" section below.)


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